Planning the “Kilgrave” release

Ahoy, commander!

Well, Release “Smaug” is rapidly approaching completion and it’s time to give some thought to what the next release’ll have in it.  I’ve code named it Kilgrave.  Why?  Well…  Kilgrave was kind of a narcissist and since I plan on giving some love to the Player Profiles I thought it kind of appropriate.

So here’s the things I want to address with the Kilgrave release:

  1. Update the look of the player profiles so they’re a bit more consistent with the site layout.  They’re not bad right now but there’s some whacky layout decisions I made early on that need to be addressed.
  2. Probably the most important bit: Player battle stats need to be revamped and get similar treatment to the factions.
  3. Introduce stats for other types of content.  Maybe not quite so indepth but at least enough to give you an idea where you’re at.
  4. I’d like to introduce a site wide battle rating system based on acknowledged battles.  This may or may not make it in.
  5. I’d like to introduce “privacy/notification” settings so you can control what sort of email is sent to you by the iTS system.

And now for some additional stuff that needs to be addressed:

  1. Any bugs that show up from Smaug (although these may end up as Hot fix releases depending upon their severity).
  2. A revamp of the home page for folks who aren’t registered.
  3. Finish the migration from Mailchimp.
  4. Start the migration from UserVoice.

Those last two, Mailchimp and UserVoice…  I mean to comment on that and I will.  Promise.  The short version: I want to reduce the number of “channels” I have out in the world.  It’s too hard for you, my valued member, to manage the interactions with iToysoldiers if I’m using third party platforms.  They’re really slick and I’m going to lose a bit of functionality (purely on the back end of things) but I think the trade off of having yours truly as the owner of all elements of iToysoldiers will help with piece of mind.  I hope so at any rate.

Anyway, that’s what’s planned for Kilgrave.  If you have any input on what you’d like to see on your player profiles I’d love to hear about it.  Drop me a line at and I’ll take a gander.

Carpe Acies!

Double Post Double Post

Greetings, commander!

I know that the double posting (usually of comments, but other things too) has been a thorn in everyone’s side.  Well, not everyone.  I think it’s mostly folks on mobile devices – especially iOS devices ’cause Safari encourages double clicking of links to make them work.  Well, it’s been driving me batty as well.  The good news is that I think (this time I’m a bit more confident) that I have a solution and it’ll be released with Smaug.  yay!

So I was doing some searching on what’s causing the problem and I found this post:  It’s pretty hilarious.  The participants spend an awful lot of posts “proving” the issue.  As it turns out it’s a function of clicking the submit button after the server has received the comment but before it returns a response.  Something that’s a common occurance when we’re using cell data rather than wi-fi (which is where I tend to test things so I hadn’t been able to duplicate it).  Thankfully, my development server is slow slow slow so after reading how to duplicate I did so.

Then I found a really slick module that disables the submit button for a couple of seconds (I’ll need to play with it to get the right amount of time) so that the server can return a response and thus double posts will be eliminated.  How cool is that?

Anyway, I’m always trying to get stuff working better for you and if you run into any issues at all or have something you’d like to see on the site then by all means, please drop me  a note at and I’ll take a look at it.  I aim to please, after all.

Carpe Acies!

What’s coming in Smaug

Greetings, commander!

I’m aiming to release Smaug (the code name for the next iToysoldiers release) into the world this week or early next week!  I figured you might be interested in what’s going into it.

So first and most importantly: The iToysoldiers Tournament Manager will now support Privateer Press Steamroller tournaments!  Yep! After years of threatening to do it I’ve finally gotten it into the system.  Now, there’s not a huge ton of differences between a Steamroller tournament and a plain jane swiss style tournament but there are enough differences – especially on tie breakers and the like – to justify a separate rule set.  I mean you could always run one using the existing system but now it’ll sort players exactly as stated in the Steamroller rule pack.  Oh! And the scenarios can be picked manually or randomly generated when one starts the tournament.  Neat, eh?

I’ve also added a stats page to tournaments and leagues.  I know it’s pretty basic but there’s only been two tournaments (and only one league that utilizes the newish system) so I don’t have a ton of real data to play with.  I’m hoping with more events and more feedback I’ll have a better idea on what information is interesting.

I’ve also added the ability to attach a tournament to a gaming club.  So if your tournament is of interest to a particular crew of players they’ll get a notification when you create it.  It’ll also show up on the club page – which is kind of handy.

For tournaments (and leagues and events and campaigns actually) I’ve given the EO the ability to register players.  This is particularly handy with Tournaments where folks will show up on the day of the event and not necessarily have signed up already.

Lastly, some of the feedback and observations of previous tournaments on iToysoldiers generated some bugs/feature requests surrounding the look and feel of certain forms and processes.  I’ve done a number of things to try and address those.  Mostly they’re cosmetic but there’s also a few backend things like removing fields that aren’t necessary, consolidating functions and the like.

I’m really excited about this release.  I’m confident that it’ll make the Tournament Manager even better.  If you’re an event organizer or a friendly local gaming store owner and you’re interested in using the tournament manager for any of your miniature war gaming events drop me a line at and we can chat.

Carpe Acies!

Oh Gods! So much to do!

I thought I’d share what my “get off your hiney and work on iToysoldiers” task list looks like.  I use Yodiz to track all the feature requests and bugs that need to be worked on.  This is a screenshot of what I’m working on for the Smaug release.

What I'm working on right now.
What I’m working on right now.

Smaug is going to have support for Steamroller tournaments and some improvements to the tournament system in general.

Right now I’m struggling with what sort of stats to show when a tourney or league is completed.  Right now I have faction distribution (how many players fielded each army) and average battle score for each faction.  More would be better, me thinks but I don’t have a really large base of data to play with.

I think something that’ll help will be a new idea: Competitive stats that span events.  So for each game system there’d be some stats around how each faction does across all the competitive events (in this case it’d be tournaments and leagues).  I think that might not be a bad thing ’cause a single event of 8-20 players doesn’t have enough data points to really show cool stuff.

Any thoughts on what sort of stats you’d like to see? I’m all ears (well, eyes).

Carpe Acies!


I imagine a fair number of you can relate to my problem:  I have an army, my Dark Eldar, that look pretty good on the tabletop but by and large most of the models aren’t really finished.  I keep getting distracted by new models.  So, I get them to reasonable tabletop quality and then start on a new toy and as a result I’ve a backlog of models that need some TLC to really look great on the tabletop.  I mentioned in the Astronomi-con Toronto Debrief ( that I think this was a major factor in bringing my painting score down.  So I’ve decided dive into a project that will encourage me to finish my models – at least my Dark Eldar ones.

I’m calling it #Finishthem30.  Starting Monday, July 18th, I’m going to post a picture on Twitter and Instagram every day for thirty days showing some progress I’ve made towards getting my units totally finished.  I’m going to be tagging the posts with #Finishthem30 and #FinishtheMalfeanDawn.  It might be a minor thing (most of the tasks left are minor) but it will be done come hell or high water.  I’m confident that a “structure” will help me focus on getting these models finished.

I’m starting with the models I plan to field at the Summer Slaughter tournament.  That’ll give me a solid 1850 point list that I like to play and then move on to some of the other units I have available to me.  At the end of the 30 days I don’t expect to have ALL of my models completely done but I should have a respectable amount of work done.  Right now I’m taking out my models and going through them to list out the stuff I need in order to get each unit complete.  It’s a bit disheartening but I don’t think it’s really as bad as the long list would tend to indicate.

I’d love for some of you folks to join me.  If you participate, make sure that you tag your twitter and/or Instagram posts with the hashtag #finishthem30.  If you’re an iToysoldiers player there might even be an achievement if you make it through all 30 days!

Carpe Acies!