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A Grand Journey For a Better User Experience

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Well... In my constant attempt to fulfill the mantra, "I aim to please" I've discovered that I might've made iToysoldiers a bit too... how to say it... complex.  There's too many choices - especially for creating events and the like.  And what's worse is that the underlying code doesn't handle modifications to those events terribly well.

And so Ragnorak comes to the rescue!  The plan is to collapse all events/calendar items/etc into a single content type.  The first phase of Ragnorak is to revamp the look and feel of the events.  I'm also hoping to deprecate the "Special Event" content type which leaves only Tournaments, Leagues, and Narrative campaigns as choices if you're entering an event.  Phase two of Ragnorak is to collapse leagues and tournaments into the Event type.

The idea here is that there'll be one way to enter events (and in darkness bind them) rather than having to choose from multiple types of content.  Narrative campaigns will still be a special case but I really need to go back and address them.  Right now they kind of suck.

I'm pretty enthusiastic about the new features.  But now's your chance...  If you have any suggestions about how iToysoldiers handles events I'd be happy to hear about it.  Post your comments here.

Carpe Acies!
Rob @ iToysoldiers