Release Ragnarok

Concept: Global, Build: Local

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iToysoldiers is all about tools to help the miniature wargaming community.  Right now it's mostly about how folks can share the exploits of their armies but I have grand plans.  One of the things I'm doing is building tools to support my local community in the Greater Windsor, Ontario area.  Why?  Well, the stuff that they need to thrive is likely the same sort of stuff that other communities need.

Now that does generate a wee bit of an issue.  The Windsor crew tends to think of iToysoldiers as their playground - and I'm all over that.  But the intent behind iTS is so much more.  I want it to become a community of gamers that transcends regional boundaries and yet supports the local scene.  I know...  that's hard.  But I think I can do it.  What I'm discovering I need, in order to address a global audience, is some sort of way to filter out content to only show what's really important to a particular player.

My first step into this realm is part of the Ragnorak release, which deals with events/leagues/tournaments/ect.  I'm going to try and start suggesting events that a person might be interested in and I'm going to utilize the geo location info to do so.

Baby steps.

Rob @ iToysoldiers.