I imagine a fair number of you can relate to my problem:  I have an army, my Dark Eldar, that look pretty good on the tabletop but by and large most of the models aren’t really finished.  I keep getting distracted by new models.  So, I get them to reasonable tabletop quality and then start on a new toy and as a result I’ve a backlog of models that need some TLC to really look great on the tabletop.  I mentioned in the Astronomi-con Toronto Debrief (http://itoysoldiers.com/blog/astronomi-con-toronto-2016-modelling-debrief) that I think this was a major factor in bringing my painting score down.  So I’ve decided dive into a project that will encourage me to finish my models – at least my Dark Eldar ones.

I’m calling it #Finishthem30.  Starting Monday, July 18th, I’m going to post a picture on Twitter and Instagram every day for thirty days showing some progress I’ve made towards getting my units totally finished.  I’m going to be tagging the posts with #Finishthem30 and #FinishtheMalfeanDawn.  It might be a minor thing (most of the tasks left are minor) but it will be done come hell or high water.  I’m confident that a “structure” will help me focus on getting these models finished.

I’m starting with the models I plan to field at the Summer Slaughter tournament.  That’ll give me a solid 1850 point list that I like to play and then move on to some of the other units I have available to me.  At the end of the 30 days I don’t expect to have ALL of my models completely done but I should have a respectable amount of work done.  Right now I’m taking out my models and going through them to list out the stuff I need in order to get each unit complete.  It’s a bit disheartening but I don’t think it’s really as bad as the long list would tend to indicate.

I’d love for some of you folks to join me.  If you participate, make sure that you tag your twitter and/or Instagram posts with the hashtag #finishthem30.  If you’re an iToysoldiers player there might even be an achievement if you make it through all 30 days!

Carpe Acies!