Incremental Improvements in 5.5

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Ahoy, commander!  So iToysoldiers 5.5 is intended to be a major rewrite of how events, leagues, tournaments, and the like are handled.  And that's for sure the plan.  But... Any time there's a clear delineation of functionality it's an opportunity to address what's probably best referred to as "low hanging fruit".

So the last couple of deployments have been around how you can communicate with yours truly.  I've revamped the support page, the contact page, the request new game page, and the syndicate your blog page.  Why?  'cause having a single interface that all this stuff goes through (and tracks) is beneficial 'cause I'm less likely to miss something.

I also revamped the "Need Help?"/Support page.  It actually works now - rather than giving you a 404 error.  It'll display some FAQ entries and allow you to search the FAQ and if you can't find what you're looking for it provides a form to submit your question/problem to me.  That's better, right? 

Anyway...  Constant improvements are a good thing.  I aim to please.

Carpe Acies!

Rob @ iToysoldiers