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iToysoldiers 6.x?

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So I bump my major releases whenever there's a major change to the interface.  Historically that's been when I changed the theme I'm using for the site.  But right now I've got to ask a question:  Should iToysoldiers 6.x represent a fundamental change to the platform that the site is running on.

Here's my thing:  Drupal 7, which is what the site is running on right now is GREAT.  It's easy to develop features with 'cause I'm reasonably confident with it.  However...  It's resource intensive and considering what the core of the site does it's kind of kludgy.  

I could go with Ruby on Rails and leverage the knowledge of my coworkers or I could go with elgg and stay with the PHP language.  Either option is essentially a rewrite of the site and it'd halt new features for a huge amount of time.  Alternatively I could just keep going with what I've got.

I gotta tell you, a reboot (and a subsequent import) is appealing.  It'd let me start fresh and clean stuff up - thus making things better.  

What to do?  What to do?  Thoughts?