New on May 30th

Wow! I’ve made oodles of progress on getting iToysoldiers back online.

First: Spammers are a pain but I think I’ve mitigated their impact to the site. A lot of their activity isn’t showing up and that’s a good thing.

Second: I’m happy with the photo gallery functionality so that’s pretty stable right now. There won’t be any changes there unless someone has some ideas.

Third: The overall layout of the site is cemented. No more bouncing between themes and organization.

Fourth: The statistics engine is coming along nicely. There’s a number of charts and tables displaying all sorts of fun things. Check it out at the stats page or on any given bit of content like a member, or an Army or a game. Yay.

Fifth: Achievements are working. For those who’ve signed up for an account you’ll see that you have the “Early Adopter” achievement. Way to go!

Sixth: I have most of the content from the previous version of the site up and visible. Some of the details of particular battles are missing so you might want to check ’em for accuracy.

See! Busy little web developer.

What’s coming up? More achievements. More stats.