New Player Profiles: Kilgrave is going to be Legendary

I’m working on the Kilgrave release.  There’s really two pieces to it: A better “Home Page” for folks and updated player pages.  I know…  They don’t seem related but they kinda are in my mind.  At least that’s what I tell myself.

Anyway… I’m really excited to show off the new player profiles.  As iToysoldiers has grown and there’s more kinds of things to show off about your miniature wargaming exploits I’m finding that I’m having to revamp a bunch of things.  That’s not bad, per se…  I’ve learned a bunch building this site and as I come back to various things I can make ’em better.  The profiles are no exception.

So what you’re going to be looking for is a player profile that captures all your deeds.  There’s going to be lists of media (images and the like), achievements, campaign badges, lists of your army…  Essentially I want to capture all the bits that show off your wargaming prowess.  I want the profile page to be the page you use to say, “Hey! I play wargames.  Here’s what I’ve done.”

Now that’s harder than you might expect.  So, there’s site specific stuff like your renown, level, battle score and the like.  And then there’s the content you’ve contributed.  What’s that all going to look like.  Well, that’s what I’m thinking about now.  So, internal iToysoldiers metrics will have a lower priority on the screen than images and content.  I find it sad that iTS achievements and campaign badges are not the defacto standard for war gaming accomplishments but I think I’ll live.

I’m hoping to have Kilgrave ready for release early next week but I keep finding things to tweak.  Bare with me, commander!  I’ve got your six.

Carpe Acies!
Rob @ iToysoldiers