Oh, for the love of Gods! iToysoldiers Outage

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So, iToysoldiers took a bit of a crash today.  I'm still looking into what caused the outage and I'm still working on fixing it but it points to malice.  Passive malice, but malice nonetheless.  See, I took to long to apply a security patch and I've been dealing with the ramifications for about a week.  Just when I think I have it all cleared up I find some other backdoor in place.  Today's issues were a bit different.

Something went horribly wrong.  The front page of the site (for those logged in) is pretty much blank.  There's oodles of reasons why this could be the case and really it doesn't matter.  The fix is clear: Migrate to a new server and whilst doing so perform a full purge of files.  Which... well... takes a really long time.  Right now I'm going through the player uploads.  I'm pretty confident they're clean but better safe than sorry.  The next step is to take a copy of the database and load it up on a test server and parse it for ickiness.  Yeah.  More time.  *sigh.

There is a silver lining though.  For the last week I've been committed to moving the site to a faster server (faster disks at any rate - it's been IO constrained) and that's part of this endeavour.  Alas, it means I probably won't get my game in with Dom today.  And I'll be breaking events for a little while.  But...  faster?  More secure?  I'll take that trade off.

Carpe Acies!
Rob @ iToysoldiers