Oh Gods! So much to do!

I thought I’d share what my “get off your hiney and work on iToysoldiers” task list looks like.  I use Yodiz to track all the feature requests and bugs that need to be worked on.  This is a screenshot of what I’m working on for the Smaug release.

What I'm working on right now.
What I’m working on right now.

Smaug is going to have support for Steamroller tournaments and some improvements to the tournament system in general.

Right now I’m struggling with what sort of stats to show when a tourney or league is completed.  Right now I have faction distribution (how many players fielded each army) and average battle score for each faction.  More would be better, me thinks but I don’t have a really large base of data to play with.

I think something that’ll help will be a new idea: Competitive stats that span events.  So for each game system there’d be some stats around how each faction does across all the competitive events (in this case it’d be tournaments and leagues).  I think that might not be a bad thing ’cause a single event of 8-20 players doesn’t have enough data points to really show cool stuff.

Any thoughts on what sort of stats you’d like to see? I’m all ears (well, eyes).

Carpe Acies!