Bring on the Stats

Ahoy, commanders! Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night – sweat soaking your sheets, a scream fighting to tear its way out of you – all because you were going to face a new army tomorrow and you weren’t sure how you were likely to fair against them?  Yeah, me neither.  But that doesn’t mean that you don’t share my curiosity in how a game’s meta is shaping up.  Well, wonder no longer, friends. I’ve started putting a fair amount of effort into actually living up to the slogan, “We have stats. Stats are cool”.  Which brings me to the announcement of iToysoldiers Release 4.2-rc10.

The main focus of this release is to total revamp the battle statistics for game systems and their associated factions.  There’s some minor visual tweaks that make the pages look better and give you a better idea of what content is associated with a given game or faction and the battle meta page has been completely redone but the real meat is in the statistics.

Every game system or army/faction that’s been involved in a battle now has a link to “Battle Stats” for that army or game.  I’m going to use my favorite army, the Dark Eldar as an example.  So if you zip over to the Dark Eldar Stats page (or you can follow along with your favorite army) you’ll see something like this:

Miniature war gaming stats screenshot
Here’s what the new army stats page looks like using REAL Dark Eldar stats

The first row provides some high level numbers: the number of battles, the number of players, the number of battlefields an army game has been seen at, and the number of factions it has fought against (for game systems this number is the number of factions that have fought battles).  Each is linked to a table (or list in the case of battles) that provides some information about the number of battles, the W/L/D numbers and the average battle score.

After that is a handful of spiffy charts.  Let’s talk about ‘em now, shall we?

Battles over time

This is just a simple display of all the battles reported by the faction or game.

Average Battle Score

Until I get a better system in place, average battle score is the current mechanism to provide relative rankings between players and armies.  It’s an average of the total battle result value divided by the battles that the faction has been the primary faction (no, being an ally faction doesn’t contribute to the battle score).  Since this just a number between 1 and 5 (5 being the highest) it gets to be a gauge.

Battle Results

Pretty much what you’d expect: a chart that shows how many battles were a victory, a draw, or a defeat.  Goes along with the Average battle score chart nicely, dontcha think?

Most Battles Leaderboard

This one’s fun: who’s the commander who fights the most battles?  You can, of course, see the full list on the Player tab.

Commander Survival Impact

This one is fun and the start of metrics that aren’t quite as pedestrian as a simple count.  What this chart shows is based on the criteria of commander survival, how many battles did this army win.  I know Warmachine/Hordes players won’t get a ton of use out of this chart (assassination rule and all that) but for most other games it’s kind of interesting.  So for Dark Eldar, if my commander survives the battle players win 58% of the time.  With CSM it’s about 75%.  It also shows the results based on the commander being slain.  Handy to know whether you should consider protecting your commander at all costs.

Opponent’s Army Impact

This is a riff on the Commander Survival impact chart except it shows the results based on the faction of the opponent.  Here’s where you can see how well the given faction does relative to other armies.  So in our Dark Eldar example, Space Wolves are the army of choice to go against.  DE win 72% of the time against these guys.  Avoid the Tyranids.  At all costs.  The faction does the best against armies in the upper right hand bit of the graph.

One caveat: A faction will have had to play against the opponent’s faction at least five times to get on this chart.  So if you don’t see your faction then you need to get those games in so that the metrics are more relevant.

Ally Impact

Can you tell I really dig these “impact” charts? This one displays the impact of the allied factions brought to the battle.  In the Dark Eldar example I think it’s clear that I need to bring Harlequins.

Most Battles Against

This chart displays the total battles against the top five factions that an army has played against.  It’s pretty pedestrian, just a simple count, but interesting.

And that’s all I have for now.  I plan to add more as they come to me and if you have some suggestions do not hesitate to let me know at  I aim to please.  Oh yeah!  Don’t you worry! Player stats will be getting a similar treatment really soon.

Carpe Acies!

This Week on iToysoldiers

Hey! I’ve done some serious work on iToysoldiers this week:

1. The gallery and battle results sections are pretty much solid. Since this is the most commonly used features that’s a good thing. You can record any battle you’ve ever played, show of your miniatures or battle photos, and get stats and achievements for it!

2. The Stats page is well on it’s way.

3. I’ve added some cooler art for some of the achievements.

4. I’ve started on some of the other features to support event calendars for clubs and stores and special events.

5. I’ve cleaned up some of the behavior behind the scenes so it’s harder to spam the site (but not post stuff) and some other things.

Let me know your thoughts. I aim to please.

What’s new on May 31st

Whew. Busy day.

1. Looks like I’ve thwarted the spammers. They haven’t posted any bogus content in over 24 hours. Woot.

2. The navigation menu is a bit easier to use.

3. New stats on almost every element of the site: users, armies, systems.

4. I added a “Tags” field to the galleries so you can better describe the gallery and group ’em.

5. I added the ability to paste images from your clipboard (depending upon your browser) and from a remote URL (you know, like flickr).

6. Some other backend stuff.

It’s coming along and I’m a happy web developer.

New on May 30th

Wow! I’ve made oodles of progress on getting iToysoldiers back online.

First: Spammers are a pain but I think I’ve mitigated their impact to the site. A lot of their activity isn’t showing up and that’s a good thing.

Second: I’m happy with the photo gallery functionality so that’s pretty stable right now. There won’t be any changes there unless someone has some ideas.

Third: The overall layout of the site is cemented. No more bouncing between themes and organization.

Fourth: The statistics engine is coming along nicely. There’s a number of charts and tables displaying all sorts of fun things. Check it out at the stats page or on any given bit of content like a member, or an Army or a game. Yay.

Fifth: Achievements are working. For those who’ve signed up for an account you’ll see that you have the “Early Adopter” achievement. Way to go!

Sixth: I have most of the content from the previous version of the site up and visible. Some of the details of particular battles are missing so you might want to check ’em for accuracy.

See! Busy little web developer.

What’s coming up? More achievements. More stats.

Back in the saddle so to speak


So I’ve had to take a step back and reevaluate the site. In general this has resulted in good things. I’ve consolidated some features and eliminated others. Why? So that the stuff that’s really core to what I want the site to do can get done and work properly. So with that said there’s two kinds of things on the site. They are:

1. Game results.
This is where you enter the results of your battles. You can upload pictures and provide a bit of commentary.

2. Gallery.
Showcase your models by uploading pictures of your modelling endeavors.

Now a cool thing is that if your opponent is a member of the site they can acknowledge the game and then the battle’s stats will be applied to their profile. Neat, eh?

The next bit I need to finish are the assorted views and pages. Then it’s off to create the achievements.