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Release 5.1: WYSIWYG Functionality is Live

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Ahoy, Commander! iToysoldiers is pleased to announce Release 5.1 (Tolstoy). This release of iToysoldiers reintroduces a better authoring experience for all of you chronicling the glory of your miniature armies with a WYSIWYG editor and the ability to add pictures inline with most content and comments.  It's also much easier to add captions and titles to images on mobile devices.

Also in this release:

  • We're now using AWS S3 for image storage.  How does this affect you?  Not really at all.  It will, however, lower the cost of iToysoldiers which is good for everybody 'cause that means I'm forking over less money for this site.  It also gives me the ability to introduce a more scalable site when the time comes.
  • I fixed the layout of tournament pages so that they're more in line with other event pages.
  • The color theme on calendar pages has been fixed.
  • I applied a bunch of security patches.
  • Links to the messaging functionality are now hidden from folks who aren't logged in.
  • Fixed a math error on the modelling pages where the model count was left blank (calculations and their fields now default to 1 and suppresses any project that has a null or invalid value).
  • A bunch of backend weirdness left over from previous releases have been fixed or removed.

So that's 5.1.  If you have any suggestions, problems, etc you know all you have to do is zip over to the iToysoldiers Help Portal and let me know, right?

Carpe Acies!

Rob @ iToysoldiers