Three is the Magic Number

Well how did this happen? iToysoldiers is now three years old.  I’m pretty pleased with that. I mean, who’d’ve thunk that a crazy little website I originally created to track battle stats would still be kicking after three years.  I’d like to thank you for being part of iToysoldiers and helping me make it into the tool for chronicling the glory of our armies that it is today.  Honest. I couldn’t have done this without all the input, suggestions, bug reports, and content you guys are creating.  Thank you!

In order to celebrate this momentous occasion and to give all my players props for being part of the site on our three year anniversary you’ll find that you’ve received a special Legendary Achievement, iToysoldiers Year III just for having an account.  Like all Legendary Achievements, this one is really only available once and it won’t be available in the future (until I invent a time machine *snicker) so the renown is all yours.  You’re welcome with my thanks.

Taking a look back over the last year I’d have to say that this year has brought some of the biggest changes to the site.  We’ve added support for tournaments.  We did a major face lift to the site which I think looks way better. Tracking for modelling projects have been added.  Club support’s been added and oodles of other things.  I’m delighted with where iToysoldiers is at right now and as year four kicks into gear I want to start thinking about what cool things I get to talk about next year.

Two things about that:

First: I have a favor to ask…  If you could take a moment and tell me the “One Thing” I can do to improve iToysoldiers for you that’d be grand.  I have a handy survey in place for just such a thing and you can submit it now.  There’s only three questions.

One Thing Survey

Secondly, beyond the results of the survey, I have some thoughts on what might be coming next.  Some general improvements to the interface.  A number of improvements to how you create content, including battle reports, blogs, galleries, and army profiles. Better communication options for clubs.  More tournament and league formats.  Probably most importantly is an improved player profile.  It sounds like a lot but these are all things that need to be fixed.

So there you go.  Three years of iToysoldiers.  Whew! Thanks for being part of it, my friends.  I appreciate it.

Carpe Acies!