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Wanted: Co-founder who's good at business stuff

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Hey, commander!

So iToysoldiers is pretty well established to some extent.  And I'm delighted with how well it's been received.  But I'd like to take it to the "next level" and for that I need someone who's good at marketing and promotion and all that.

I'm looking for a co-founder to help me with the promotional stuff.  I'm pretty good at coding but as a one man shop I don't have the time to really go and promote the site.  I think it could be awesome if only more folks were aware.  Can you help?  Do you want to? Are you enthusiastic about miniature wargaming? Do you want to promote tools that help wargamers chronicle the glory of their armies?  If so... Let me know and we'll talk.

Send me an email at and we can chat about what being a co-founder might mean.

Carpe Acies!