A Battlefleet Gothic Painting Competition?

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Battlefleet Gothic Board Game box
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Yes, please! So one of the guys I follow on Instagram, Turbidious, runs a monthly painting contest centered around Battlefleet Gothic. The theme of the painting contest is fleets. So, if I'm going to do this I need to get four ships painted up and then finish up a fifth and take pictures by November 30th. I think this is doable and a great incentive to do some focused painting. Something I've kinda been lacking for a while. So I'm gonna do it. Since the only fleet I really have left is my chaos fleet that's what I'm going to submit.

The five ships I have are:

  1. Despoiler Battleship - it's almost done. Pretty much just highlighting and some washes
  2. Styx heavy cruiser - assembled
  3. Devastation class cruiser - assembled
  4. Slaughter class cruiser - assembled
  5. Slaughter class cruiser - assembled

I kinda wish I had built one of the Slaughters as a Devastation class so there'd be two of those but as that ship has sailed...

I don't have any photos of any of the ships right now but as part of this kick in the pants to get my hobby-ness back into gear I'll post photos and commentary throughout this process.