Christmas Haul

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Christmas was a win this year! It was pretty much an "ask and ye shall receive" scenario. I have a whack of models that I just picked up a few weeks ago so I asked for hobby tools and was not disappointed. Santa (my sweetie) delivered. There's three new additions to my hobby tools collection. Let me elaborate on 'em.

Postal Scale

Ha! My mother in law was totally confused that this was delivered as a present for me. But I'm delighted. The purpose of this device is to sit under the filament holder. No more guessing how much filament is left on a spool since I'll have an exact number to plan what to print next. It can be powered by a cable so it never shuts off. It's pretty great.

Vortex Paint Mixer

I hate shaking paint pots. Now I don't have to. The vortex paint mixer is amazing. I tried it out on two of my shade pots that have had a bit of sludge at the bottom even after shaking them vigorously. Put 'em on the mixer and huzzah! the sludge is mixed in with the medium. Once I'm done with this post I'm gonna start putting all my paints through it.

Gocheer Airbrush Kit

So I have no idea how to really use an airbrush or what makes a good one. This kit comes with a variable PSI compressor and what looks to be a good airbrush. I can't wait to try this bad boy out. I'm hoping next week since it'll be warmer (and I'll have time to print out a cleaning station for it). I'm excited about giving it a whirl.