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The Trouble With Skull Bases

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So I really want to use skull bases for my Chaos Daemons - specifically, the skull bases created by Txalri Factory. They're so cool. Unfortunately, the texture is a bit unforgiving when it comes to affixing the model to the base. So I've tried a couple of different things:

  1. Using my dremel to drill out a platform to affix the model. There's some issues with this, especially on models that have a larger base. Overall assesment: wonky. At this point I have one model based and primed using this method and it's fine. The main issue is that the platform is uneven and looks melty. Not a huge fan.
  2. Rather than printing the entire base, I tried printing a topper and using a styrofoam cutter to cut out holes to fit the flat bits of the model. I think this may be a good approach to take (even though my first attempt was a massive failure 'cause you can't mark the cut lines from the bottom of the print. Why not? it's reversed. Boo!).
  3. My sweetie suggested that we try modifying the STL files themselves so that the necessary stuff is removed before actually printing. What a great idea!
    STL file with cutouts

I'm waiting for a print to finish but once it's done I'm pretty enthusiastic about option 3. This may be the solution. More info to come!