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I've been looking forward to picking up the latest issue of White Dwarf because it has interim rules for Kharn and Khorne Berserkers to hold me over until the World Eaters codex is released. At this point I've only really looked at the rules for the Drukhari in a 9th edition context so I wasn't really sure what to expect.  Okay. That's not 100% true. My read of 9th edition is that the rules are intended to be easier to understand and implement and a little less heavy on the number of special rules. So upon reading the new Berzerker rules I was a slightly underwhelmed.

Largely this is because they've lost the Blood for the Blood God rule.  Getting to fight twice (and sometimes three times) was a blast. The loss of the Icon of Wrath is also a pretty big deal but I suppose the increased strength for the Mark of Khorne is okay. I'm not going to lie, I've lamented the loss of the Chaos Marks since they got rid of them so it's great to see them return. I'm also a bit bummed that you can't drop the bolt pistols and replace them with an additional close combat weapon. A Berzerker with a chain axe and a chainsword was a beast!

That said, the fact that Berzerkers are armed with berserker chain weapon with the same stats as a chain axe as the default and only weapon choice is pretty great. I think this is one of the few times when an equipment change has been made that some of my models haven't been made obsolete so that's great! It also means I can mix my models with chainswords and chain axes indiscriminately and that's a good thing.

The Legion trait, Butcher's Nails looks the same so that's a good thing.  Over all?  I'm not unhappy. For the Blood God.