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Oh. My. Gods. World Eater Codex?!?!

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A new codex for the World Eaters!?!?! Games Workshop

So I've been playing World Eaters for almost 20 years!  20? ! ? ! Really?  Wow.  Okay. And now Games Workshop has announced that they're going to release a codex just for my favorite angry butchers? Hu - __ing - zah! It's not just the codex, to be honest. It's the fact that Khorne's favorite blood soaked heroes are also going to be getting new models.  I mean, 20 years. Same models. I've used the Forge World upgrade kits to enhance some of the new kits but... 20 years.  At least! 

I'm so thrilled it's not even funny.  I'll be putting my Drukharii (Dark Eldar for you folks who've been playing them for 25 years!) on the shelf for a while. I don't care how cool the Harlequin rules are. 

World Eaters. New codex. New models. For the __ing Blood God.