Legions Imperialis

Legions Imperialis

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Legions Imperialis
Games Workshop

I have been waiting for months with the glee of a small child for the release of Legions Imperialis and I am not disappointed. It's so much fun to craft orders of battle for these wee little models. Clearly I'm making a World Eaters force and supplementing them with strategic assets from the Legio Audax along with cannon fodder auxilliaries from the Belskin regiments that compose my 40K cultists/traitor guard. Granted, I'm gonna want bigger titans and they'll probably come from Legio Vulpa but since the box starts with two Warhounds I'm delighted.

Clearly, the World Eaters will be the star of the show. The Legio Audax assets and the mortal troops will be there to support my frothing berserkers. I'm so very happy with this.

Fun note! Two new techniques were attempted with this project. a) I used my air brush as I was trying to make the Audax armor plates look red and mottled. I followed - sort of - a tutorial I found online and it generated kinda pink plates. But I did get to use my airbrush! b) to fix the airbrush debacle, I used contrast paints. First time! They're great! They do wonders on top of a metail base coat. I used Flesh Tearers red to brighten up the Warhound armor and I'm pretty happy.

Oh! And affixing the missile launchers to the marines is a serious pain. Going forward I don't think the World Eaters will use missile launchers. Cause I'm lazy. It's the worst.