Stupid Projects

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I really want to catalogue my miniature collection. I mean, really! I have so many and it's important to me that they're recorded in a way that makes it usable to me. I gave Collective Access a try and it's great! It has everything - and I mean everything - out of the box but the UI is problematic. I don't want to whip out my laptop as I'm painting miniatures to update status and all that.  I tried. I really did. Also there's an image generation error that they never got back to me on. And so...

Omeka is my new attempt to catalog my miniatures.

I don't have this live right now. It's running on a virtual machine on my laptop. It's promising but... Guess what, kids! I'm developing a miniature wargaming ontology! Yeah, I could use Dublin Core but to really capture the metadata of my (and your) miniature collection there's some metadata that really isn't captured in the widely available standards.  Shocked? Not even a little. So what I'm working on now is an ontology/vocabulary to define miniature wargaming resources. You know, like books, models, units, etc. I think it's important to capture both the fluff and the properties of the models. And it looks something like this:

mwg:Model, Model, A physical model
mwg:Unit, Unit, A unit - usually part of a military organization - that a unit belongs to.
mwg:Person, Person, A person of note.
mwg:Organization, Organization, An organization of note.
mwg:Component, Component, A component of a model. Could be a weapon or a conversion bit.
mwg:Event, Event, An event - narrative or real life - important to the collection.
mwg:Lot, Lot, A discrete collection of models when they were acquired.
mwg:GameSystem, Game System, Game Systems.
mwg:Text, Text, Books and Magazines
mwg:Image, Image, Art and Posters

Fun, right! This is just the classes of the project! I should not be doing this. There are better uses of my time. But iToysoldiers has stats. Stats are cool.