World Eaters

Malleus Deus Sanguinem mK II

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World Eaters Wallpaper
For the Blood God Games Workshop

Alrighty! I finally got my mitts on the World Eaters Codex and some models. First! Some pictures.

Alrighty. So let's briefly suss out the codex.


  • It's the World Eaters
  • I get to keep most vehicles
  • I get to keep some of my infantry
  • Lord of Skulls!
  • The Blood Tithe rules are pretty slick
  • I'm not unhappy with the unit specific rules across the board


  • No Raptors
  • Not many options for infantry lords except the executioner and Kharne.
  • Not a ton of variety in army building - I think most World Eater armies will look pretty much the same.
  • I have to rethink my Order of Battle

More on this once I've started reorging my battle lines.