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So now that the World Eaters codex is out, I've been looking at my model collection and there's a whole whack of them that aren't viable as World Eaters. Pretty much expected but what should I do with 'em? Pretty much the only option I have is to repaint them in an appropriate colour scheme.  But that also means I need to pick a legion for 'em.  

The easiest would be to make them Word Bearers and that's super appealing.  It was my first concept for a choas space marine army. All I'd need to do is change the trim colour from brass to silver. That seems lazy but fits with fluff (Ruinstorm and all that).  Should I do that?  It also means that I can field all the psyker stuff that I have laying around.  But it's more red. 

I could do Iron Warriors! They use psykers from time to time and it's a really lovely colour scheme.  It'd also fit in with the idea of a siege company - something I've always kind of embraced with the Malleus Deus Sanguinem.  There's a lot to be said about embracing the Lord of Iron. 

Death Guard and Thousand Sons are pretty much out. Largely 'cause I don't want to invest in a whole new subset of rule sets but also because the models I'm trying to address are more generic and I don't want to deal with the specific units associated with the other legion specific codexes.  Oh, and I'll never play Thousand Sons. Suffer not the witch to live and all that.

Clearly Emperors Children are out. They don't mesh with the World Eaters at all. Granted, I love the concept and I ALMOST went that route but I'm committed to Khorne so forces of She Who Thirsts are out. Granted, it'd make dioramas with my Drukharii and Harlequins look amazing.

Black Legion. Just about as lazy as the Word Bearers.  From a fluff perspective it's probably the easiest to tie in.  But it... I don't know.  It's like the generic option.  *sigh.

Alpha Legion.  No. Some of my fluff is tied to the Alpha Legion but I'm not sure I want to go that route.  Granted, I think it would look great but... I don't know.  Maybe? They are cultist heavy and I have lots of cultists to field.

Night Lords. I like the Night Lords. Terror is good. I could go this route. I really could. I worry that from a fluff point of view the Night Lords and the World Eaters really wouldn't get together. Entirely different perpectives on what Chaos is all about.

The good news: I'm in no position to decide anytime soon.  I have new World Eaters to work on and I have quite the back log to address.