My Workflow V2

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So I was reviewing some of my old posts and decided that my workflow post needed an addendum. Why? Well, the main reason is that basing is part of the model painting process because largely I use plastic bases. Being a 40K player, I don't have "grass" or "whathaveyou" bases. Currently I use the Sector Imperialis bases or the Necromunda bases for almost all of my models. Sure, I have a few that don't use those but... do I really create a work flow that accounts for 1% of my models?  Nah.

So here's the current workflow steps:

1. New - These are models that I have that haven't been processed yet. They might be on sprues. They might be models I obtained from someone else with a paint job that needs to be fixed. Short version: These models haven't been addressed yet. Important note: Models are almost always defined by their legs. If I have a leg assembly I have a model.
2. Assembled - Models that have been taken off the sprue and built.
3. Primed - This model has been spray coated - either with a rattle can or the airbrush.
4. In progress - A primed model that is under going base coating and washes.
5. Battle Ready - This model has all elements washed.
6 Parade Ready - This mode has been highlighted and iconography applied (air brush stencils, decals, free hand (ha!).
7. Weathered - battle damage and weathering applied as appropriate.
8. Sealed - varnish applied.

I know this workflow doesn't address stripping or revitalizing miniatures that I aquire from a 3rd party but since I'm not big on that kind of thing I"m okay with it. On the odd instance that I have models in that state they'll fall under assembly until they're ready for the rest.

Sound good?  I think so.