My Workflow

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So I'm trying to codify my workflow for model painting.  Largely for the rebirth of iToysoldiers as a platform to show off my models.

At this point I've done some searching for workflow states on minature wargaming painting and I was kind of discouraged to find that there aren't really any published so... To that end here's what I have:

  1. Purchased/aquired - on sprue (this should probably be amended to allow for painted minis that need to be cleaned up but since I don't do that much...)
  2. Assembled.
  3. Primed - I usually just prime in black.
  4. Base coated - the first layer of paint has been added to all elements.
  5. Table ready - Washes have been applied
  6. Based - the model's base has been painted and looks great.
  7. Parade ready - highlights have been applied
  8. Weathered - weathering pigments, battle damage, etc.
  9. Sealed

There's some issues with this workflow for sure.  Bases may or may not be applied before the model is Table ready and sometimes it is necessary to highlight before another section is ready but I think it's a fair order of operations.  I tend to use the GW painting methodology for all things which lends itself to this kind of workflow.

Step 5 and Step 7 are the most important.  These are the states that I'm willing to show off a model on the site (and put 'em on the table in the rare instance when I play).

What're your thoughts?  Do you have a formal workflow for your painting endeavors?