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New Spool

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1 KG of new PLA filament
I see opportunity Rob Tacey

Nothing represents opportunity better than a new spool of filament on my printer.  

New spool of filament
That's right! The scale is dialed in perfectly!

Unfortunately there were some hiccups!

I've been working on my Chaos Daemons Combat patrol kit and I'm STILL struggling with the skull bases but they look so good (pics coming soonish) that I have to solve this problem. The good news is that the Bloodletter models do not seem to have a problem finding a spot for their narrow little tootsies to fit on the base. It's just the Flesh Hounds and the Blood Crushers.

The approach I'm taking now, after several failed goes is this:

  1. Keep the bases that came with the box
  2. Print supported toppers
  3. Apply a thick layer of paint to the bottom of the model.
  4. Press that model to the GW base.
  5. Press the cleaned up base topper to the GW base.
  6. Use the styrofoam cutter to remove the spots with paint on them.

Yeah, I tried the base topper approach before but since I marked out the spots to cut from below, spacial awareness be damned, they were inverted and the model didn't fit. Curses.

Anyway. That's the core of what I'm working on. Although... In totally unrelated news, I'm working on a new product line for my Etsy shop. It's still in development but I'm going to be printing out those little shopping cart tokens. Exciting, right?