3D Printing

Test 1 of the Ironing Feature

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Well, the first test didn't go so well.  I mean, the Ironing feature MAY have worked but there was an adhesion issue that ruined the print so even if the ironing was working it failed utterly. 

For the time being I'm printing all the boxes I need for the Ruins of Arnak insert. Once all the boxes are done I'll circle back to the lids and work on sorting the issue.

To recap, the issue I'm running into is on flat plates, like box lids and floor tiles, the detail on the print is either minimal or scarred. I really need to sort this because I have a real need to print flat plates with detail in order to get the terrain for my game board going. Also, a lot of game inserts have flat box lids and that's the other major use case for the printer so... I WILL fix this.