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Cura has an Ironing Feature

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Who knew?

I've been struggling with some dragging issues on my printer.  When I'm printing small, flat objects like box lids or floor tiles the detail on the model is messed up with scratch marks and other artifacts from the nozzle dragging across the model. I've tried a whack of things to solve this problem to no avail.

I assumed it was the z-offset but if I adjust that too much I end up with bed adhesion issues. I thought it might be over extrusion (and it may still be that) but calibration didn't address the issues.

So whilst poking around in the cura profile I'm using for the models, I found a feature called, Ironing. What it does is give a final pass over a layer - with very little extrusion to help clean up the print.  I'm going to give that a shot and see if it makes a difference on the prints.  I don't really care that it'll add more time to the print.  I just want them to look nice.