The Mighty Wallhalla

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Painted Wallhalla Panels
The first Wallhalla panels for my World Eaters iToysoldiers

A long time ago I picked up an Ikea display case to show off my miniatures.  It's so great.  I think it was $80 and it has four shelves and it's glass.  It's the absolute perfect way to go if you're looking for a budget display case. But then I ran into a problem. There's only four shelves and the thing is about 6' tall. Which means that there's a lot of empty space. My first thought to deal with this was to assemble terrain pieces so that they would serve as display elements. I'm convinced this would look great but then I stumbled upon something even better.

Ill Gotten Games produced their Wallhalla line of printable display solutions. The intended use is as a wall hanging but since they also have stands it works great as a back and side wall of my display cabinet. I picked up two designs, the Dark Gothic for my World Eaters and the Sci-Fi Hex-o-Plex for my Drukhari and Harlequin models.

Each of the designs comes with a ridiculous number of options so no matter what size bases you use (round being what they're designed for though) there's a panel that'll work.  There's extensions so you can have a shelf for any sized model. They're pretty great. Last cool thing is that there's six designs. Pretty much whatever genre you're displaying there'll be a design that fits.

  • Dark Gothic for that grim dark feel - it's got sci-fi elements.
  • Cyber City for cyberpunk and sci-fi.
  • Fantasy Stonework for sword and sorcery fantasy
  • Gothic Stonework for sword and sorcery fantasy (or possibly historical)
  • Sci-Fi Hex-o-plex for sci fi
  • Tudor Tavern for sword and sorcery (or possibly historical)

Each of the designs will run you less than $20 USD so it's not even that expensive considering you can print whatever you need.

I totally recommend them.