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Ruling the Waves

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epic scale minatures work in progress
And they're coming along RST

So I've been painting my epic scale napoleanic sprue. I'm going full on red coats 'cause I love playing 'em in Europa Universalis.  Any way. I'm kinda-sorta using the painting guide in the magazine. I don't use Vallejo paints so I've kinda had to fudge a bit.  Here's what I'm using for the various elements:

  • Redcoat:  Khorne Red with a nuln oil wash
  • Grey: Mechanicum standard grey with a nul oil wash
  • Blue cuffs: Kantor blue with nuln oil wash
  • Metal: Leadbelcher with a Nuln oil wash 
  • Wood: Dryad Bark with an agrax earthshade wash
  • Cream: Rakarth Flesh with an seraphim sepia wash
  • Flesh: Cadian fleshton with a reiklan flesh tone wash
  • Gold: Balthazar gold with an agrax earthshade wash 
  • leather: Rhinox Hide with a nuln oil wash

I'm painting the horse with rhinox hide and a bit o' highlights but I'm not totally sold yet.