2023 in Review

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So I gotta say it. 2023 wasn't my worst hobby year but it's up there. I picked up new World Eaters and Legion Imperialis but neither are painted up and they're all in progress. Additionally I abandoned Collective Access in favor of Omeka for my model cataloging system but I haven't finished making either doable. I did try my air brush. It was pretty great but... I haven't played any games and really haven't finished any models. Epic fail? I wouldn't go that far. I'm hoping I can buckle down for 2024 and get some stuff ready to go.

My priorities for next year are as follows:

  • A 3000 point Legions Imperialis World Eaters army painted and ready to go.
  • My new World Eaters painted up.
  • Walhalla display stands for sections the other two display shelves in place.

Not terribly ambitious but it's what I've got.

The new stuff on the list is really just for Legions imperialis.  I'm going to need Rhinos, Land raiders, more infantry, and air support. Luckily, GW doesn't have the stuff available right now so I can play the procrastination game for a bitsy.  Also, I want to add some Legio Mortis titans 'cause I love titans.