Armies on Parade 2023

Armies on Parade 2023

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For the Blood God Agathe Dhontd

I'm in a unique, for me, situation. With the pending release of the World Eaters codex and the new models I'm going to be refreshing my Chaos army. Which means - for all intents and purposes - that it's a new army! I've been piecing my Drukhari/Harlequins and World Eaters for quite some time so I've not been in a position to pretty much start from scratch in the last decade or so. But that's not the case come early 2023!

So I think I'm going to do the Armies on Parade thing and it's gonna be World Eaters.

What I want to do is craft a 2000 point list of World Eaters and Chaos Daemons and full disclosure: not every model is going to be brand spanking new. I mean, really! Am I going to paint a new Kharne? I don't think so. Without seeing the new codex, which may change this plan dramatically, I'm using the Slaughter Cult as a template for this project.

Anyway.  I recently picked up a Chaos Daemons Combat Patrol kit which pretty much addresses my daemons needs. With this box I now have:

I wouldn't mind replacing the Bloodthirster with a new model but let's not get crazy! The World Eaters are gonna represent a significant purchase, for sure. I have no plans to build new vehicles so here's what's available right now:

All of the above, except for the Lord of Skulls could do with a paint refresh.  The Lord of Skulls is parade ready and I'm pretty happy with it. I have a whack of other things like cultists, terminators, and raptors. We'll see how the new codex treats these guys before I commit.

Speaking of commiting. I fully plan to pick up the codex as well as 3 boxes of berserkers and Angron.

Now, beyond a concept I haven't gotten much further. But that's okay. Based upon the published timeline for the Armies on Parade 2023, here's what I've got sketched out:

January - February: New Year, New Army

I'm a little shocked that there's only two months to address the core of the army but it's all good. Guidelines, right? I don't know when the new models with drop so I may swap July-August for January-February if it's later in year. But this is where topic is where I'll be putting my berserkers and daemons together and slapping paint on 'em.

March - April: Supreme Command

And here's where I paint up Angron. 

May - June: Gods of War

Right now I don't have anything planned for this section. But who can say? The new codex may inspire me. If nothing else I'll use this for putting more attention on character models.

July-August: Magicians and Machines

I'm going to take this time to work on the vehicles. My rhinos and tanks need a refresh in a most desperate way.  Clearly there will not be any magicians but perhaps, depending upon the codex rules, a Dark Apostle may drop into the list - especially since I also like the idea of mimicing a Astartes company to some extent. But other than repainting tanks I'm leaving this one up in the air.

September - October: Battlefront

I really want to use one of my sector imperialis tiles with the various buildings I've put together for this part. We shall see. I do intend to generate a whack of bodies/heads/skulls to make it more... For the Blood God. This is where I suck. We shall see how it comes together.

November: Grand Finale

And this is where I pull it all together so that it's a cohesive whole. Too far out to plan.