Armies on Parade 2023

Armies on Parade 2023 Status

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As with everything dealing with my painting, it's slow going. I'm waiting on the release of the World Eaters Combat Patrol but I don't really need it as I have more than enough Berzerkers. I have a squad of the new ones in progress as well as some Eightbound on the table. Per my previous post, I'm planning out my table. To that end, I've printed and base coated a daemonic portal to act as kind of a centerpiece for the whole thing. I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my terrain but I think it's going to look really slick. You can slide a phone into the piece and run an animation to make it look glowy and cool.

Daemonic Portal

Needless to say I'm WAY behind where I want to be in this project but I'll get it sorted.