As Per, So Much To Do

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Oh gods! So much to do! Rob Tacey

I'm all registered for the tournament on December 10th. My hotel is booked. My registration is done. My list is kinda sorta worked out. So that only leaves making sure I have my models all sorted. And, as usual, that's dicey. My last post detailed some of the things I need to get done but here's where it stands now:

  • Build and paint the haemonculi
  • if time permits paint the new Archon
  • paint and rebase the Ur-ghul (there's four of them and only one is painted)
  • Review my Razor wing and make sure it's table ready
  • Build and paint a coven venom.
  • build and paint a wrack
  • Review and repair my scourges
  • Review and repair my three kabalite warrior squads
  • Review and repair my wyche squads
  • rebase my army to use the factory bases where necessary
  • Review and repair my harlequins
  • rebase my harlequins (if time permits)

So yeah.  Lots to do. And I have a little bit left of my BFG fleet to get them into competition winning state.

It's a hard knock life for sure.