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Ugh. So Much New Stuff

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So I'm going to be playing in a tournament on December 10th. It's been a while. I haven't put together a list in almost four years. I don't think that's going to significantly impact my win ratio. Ha! But I do need to make a list. I've been going back and forth between Drukhari, Chaos, and Ynnari. So today I ran down to my FLGS and picked up the Aeldari codex (they didn't have the Heretic Astartes one in stock) 'cause it'd mean having to paint up fewer things leading up to the event. Or so I thought.

The requirements to build a Ynnari list are WAY different than they used to be. Having to field a vanilla Aeldari unit for each Harlequin or Drukhari unit is brutal - especially since I only have two squads of Dire Avengers. So that's out. I don't have enough Harlequins to field a full 2000 point list (at least not assembled). And since I couldn't grab a Chaos Space Marine Codex it looks like I'm going to go with Drukhari.

Unfortunately, it means, in order to field a Real Space Raider list, I'll need to pick up a Haemonculus and a box of Wracks. This has been an expensive day because I also needed to grab the Tournament 2022 book. Ah well. Since I'm so close to having my BFG stuff done I should have plenty of time to paint up the haemonculus, the one wrack I'm missing, and a venom to shuttle them around the battle field.