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I CAN Use My Harlequins!

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Harlequin Player
Rob Tacey

So I was going through the Aeldari Codex last night and I found a nifty little rule attached to the Harlequins that means I'll be able to field a Patrol Detachment of them and stay battle forged! This makes me deliriously happy. If I had known that four hours earlier I might not have picked up the haemonculi and the wracks. Ah well.  I'm still gonna stick them into my list.

So what I'm going with is pretty straight forward:

  • A Battalion strength Real Space Raid detachment
  • A Patrol strength Harlequin detachment

I'm aiming for a very mechanized army so almost everything is troops and heavy support.

These are the things I need to finish up for the tourney:

  • Finish up applying urban based to all the Drukhari I'm bringing
  • Paint up the Haemonculus
  • Paint up one Wrack
  • Paint up the Venom I have unassembled in Haemonculi livery (shiny black with some weird bits).

I think I can do it. I'll have a better idea of what this will all look like tonight after I sort out specifically which models are table worthy.