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Lost Ruins of Arnak Game Organizer

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Lost Ruins of Arnak Game Insert
Stephen Unser

So I'm working on printing out and painting an organizer for the absolutely fantastic game, Lost Ruins of Arnak. The STL files can be found on Thingiverse. Our Ender 3 Max is primarily used for terrain for my table but it gets a lot of use generating game box inserts. Some of 'em I paint. Some I don't. This one in particular will benefit from a coat or two of paint 'cause the insert ties into the game.

So there's two fundamental kinds of models in the kit.  There's the boxes and the ruin display stands. I don't like to spend a ton of time painting game inserts cause I'm such a slow painter and I've got a whole whack of models in my pile of opportunity. I'm just going to prime them, base coat, wash, and then do a dry brush. Easy peasy.


I'm going for a sandstone look so here's the colors I'm going to use:

  1. Steel Legion Drab
  2. Reiksland Fleshshade
  3. Tallarn Sand


And for the boxes I kinda want a worn brown look so the colors are going to be:

  1. Dryad Bark
  2. Agrax Earthshade (of course)
  3. Gorthor Brown

I may add a dry brush of Baneblade Brown if the boxes turn out too dark but we shall see.

Other Stuff

There's some other models in there, such as a first player token and the moon staff but I haven't gotten that far in the planning for this project.