December 2022 Game Knight GT

Game Knight Tourney Results

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Some pictures to come but here's the results.

The tournament was three rounds.

Round 1 against Imperial Knights which was really rough because I am splinter weapon heavy. I had a really hard time bringing his knights down.

Round 2 I received a buy. bye? Whatever. I didn't have an opponent. Granted, as a result, I probably received more points than I've ever received for a tournament round. Ha! 

Round 3 was against Tyranids. You'd think with a splinter heavy list I'd hold up pretty well against Tyranids but I've always had an issue with them. The minimal counter to their psychic powers is a hindrance.

The guys I played were great. I had a really hard time deciding who to pick as my favourite opponent. I was actually pretty lucky in that they both had painted armies.

I have some more thoughts but I need to digest the day. In case you want the short version: Need to play faster and roll better.